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Financial Opportunities in Extended Hours Operations

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Explore and learn to manage unrecognized costs, risks, and liabilities of shiftwork operations.


One-fifth of North American employees, some 24 million workers, work outside of the traditional business day. The extended hours workplace can no longer be considered a passing phenomena, as an ever-increasing number of employers across a wide range of industries are moving toward round-the-clock, continuous operations. Operating in excess of traditional nine-to-five hours can be exceedingly advantageous for businesses and their clientele, delivering such benefits as lower costs per unit, increased asset utilization, and improved customer service.

However, these convenience and productivity benefits are not without cost. The average extended hours operation is riddled with unrecognized risks and costly liabilities, including:
increased accident rates
chronic absenteeism
high turnover
disproportionate health problems
rapidly expanding legal liabilities
rising insurance premiums

Excess Cost to Extended Hours Operations

Excess Cost per Extended Hours Employee

Excess Cost as a Percent of Total


$50.4 billion



Lost Productivity

$79.4 billion




$39.1 billion




$8.5 billion



Health Care

$28.2 billion




$205.6 billion



Fortunately, it is possible to successfully manage the unintended costs, risks, and liabilities of extended hours operations.

This study provides senior management such as the chief operating officer, chief financial officer, director of human resources, director of risk management, or general counsel with the information necessary to better deploy human capital in continuous operations.

This study, made specifically for senior management, will:
Identify the significant difficulties that undermine the extended hours workplace and often inhibit or prevent companies from maximizing the financial and operational benefits of such an operation.
Help senior management better understand the issues faced by the front-line manager of an extended hours operation.
Present recommendations and intervention programs that will help minimize or eliminate these issues.

As a result, corporate leaders will be able to more effectively deploy their financial and human resources to achieve the maximum benefits of the extended hours workplace.

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