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Shiftwork Practices 2017 (PDF)

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The Industry’s Only Comprehensive Benchmarking & Best Practices Report of their Shiftwork Practices (PDF)


CIRCADIAN has been administering the Shiftwork Practices Survey for over 18 years to managers and supervisors in the 24/7 workplace. To date, more than 3,000 industrial companies employing more than 500,000 shiftworkers have been surveyed in North America.

Shiftwork Practices Reports have revealed important trends and best practices that are defining successful shiftwork.

This Shiftwork Practices Report includes analysis of:

• Shift Scheduling Practices

• Payroll and Benefit Packages

• Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

– Safety

– Absenteeism

– Turnover Rates

Bottom line: Shiftwork Practices 2017 will help you better manage your workforce and identify potential areas for cost savings in your operation.

NOTE: This report is available in electronic (PDF) format only.

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