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The Practical Guide to Managing 24-Hour Operations

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More than 100 best practices tips for managers of shiftworkers


A must have for any manager of shiftworkers, The Practical Guide to Managing 24-Hour Operations includes over 100 tips on how to best run a shiftwork facility. Additionally, it examines common shiftwork myths and the facts behind them, information about family/social effects of shiftwork, lifestyle training, management initiatives, as well as a glossary of shiftwork terminology.

The tips are broken down into 14 easy-to-use sections: Corporate Culture; Management Development; Supervisor Responsibility; Shiftworker Lifestyle Training; Shift Scheduling; Overtime Management; Health Care & Wellness Management; Driver Safety; Sleep Management; Family and Social Support; Shiftworker Support; Work Design; The Workplace Environment; and Measurement of Alertness; and benchmark questionnaire.

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