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Shipping & Returns

The CIRCADIAN® Online Store (www.circadianstore.com) ships products from our Massachusetts, USA offices. The majority of our products are shipped via UPS and limited to the countries UPS serves. When UPS shipping is applicable, you will be offered different UPS shipping options to your delivery location (e.g. UPS Ground, UPS Next Day Air) at the time of checkout. With the exception of the Working Nights Newsletter, which is shipped once a month, all products are shipped within 2-business days of purchase. 

Shipping and handling are charged on most of our products. Any other shipping charges, such as customs dues, are the responsibility of the customer. The shipping cost for Working Nights Newsletter within the USA is included in the quoted price, although delivery to countries outside of the USA may incur additional costs. We do not charge shipping for online products, publications, and newsletters delivered electronically. 

The currency of transactions on this website is US dollars, although we expect shortly to offer other currencies. There are no export restrictions at this time. 

If you cancel your order and the order has not yet shipped, we will refund your money in full. If you cancel your order and the order has already shipped, the standard return policy applies. 

You may return a hard copy product (i.e. non-PDF sales) within 4 weeks if it is defective for a full refund. Other returns will not be accepted. Please note that all PDF product sales are final and will not be refunded. 

The cost of shipping returned products is the responsibility of the customer. Returned products should be sent to: 
Circadian Information LP, 2 Main Street, Suite 310 Stoneham, MA 02180 USA 

Thank you for ordering from the CIRCADIAN® Online Store. If you have any other questions regarding shipping, please call 1-781-439-6300 and press 2 at the prompt.